Jiangxi province conducted a comprehensive inventory of migratory birds in poyang lake to ensure the accuracy of the data
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  • Release date:2019/01/05
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At present, the number of wintering birds is increasing. For continuous monitoring of wintering birds species, quantity, distribution, habitat, January 6 to 8, our province all along poyang lake reserve HeJinXian, around 15 such as construction, duchang county (city, area) the related staff of more than 200 people, mulling 48 working group, hundreds of lakes and the surrounding areas of poyang lake district, constant lake levee, the five-star levee around on both sides of the great dyke, synchronized wintering birds background investigation.

On the morning of January 7, the weather was bleak, with biting winds and poor visibility. To ensure the accuracy of the data, workers trudged through the muddy, clammy mud of kau chau, carefully identifying birds and counting their Numbers with binoculars at each observation point. Tu xiaobin, deputy director of the provincial wildlife protection administration, told reporters that he went to the nangji wetland national nature reserve around the three lakes, a look, from the sky to the lake, are all migratory birds. The three lakes are dotted with migratory birds looking for food. Li yue, director of the migratory bird nature reserve administration, led the team from duchang dock to six observation sites including daming pond, golden tip, zhubao mountain, sanshan, nihu lake and nihu avenue. After multiple observation, identification and counting, more than 50,000 migratory birds were found. "Especially in sanshan, we saw four large groups of migratory birds, mainly wild geese, with more than 10,000 birds in one group." Mr Li said.

It is reported that each year the number of poyang lake wintering birds about 600,000, in addition to white crane, white pillow crane, but also white-headed crane and a large number of grey crane population habitat here. Poyang lake is also home to the world's largest swan goose population and China's largest cygnet population. This comprehensive investigation of the species, number and habitat status of wintering migratory birds in poyang lake area will provide a scientific basis for the protection of wintering migratory birds.

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